Congratulations to all our Rockingham Sharks senior football award winners for 2017.

It has been an amazing season – let’s do it again and go one better in  2018.

But for now, let’s celebrate our winners of 2017.

Player of Year

First Grade – Geordie   CONNELLY.

Reserve Grade – Kasey JORDAN.

18’s – Jet NGAMKABUAN.

3rd Grade – Callum ESAIAH.

Best Back

First Grade – Geordie    CONNELLY.

Reserve Grade: Josh NEAL.

18’s – Jet  NGAMKABUAN.

3rd Grade – Alestair PARMENTER.

Best Forward

First Grade – Ben BOLTHE.

Reserve Grade – Kieren CROWE.

18’s – Kobi ANDERSON.

3rd Grade: Jamie DIXON.


Coaches Award

First Grade – Andrew JEFFERY.

Reserve Grade – Jayden TOELUPE.

18’s – Will SMITH.

3rd Grade: Tony HYDE & Neihana McMILLAN.


Player of Year – Rachael  TOBY.

Most Improved: Kiah GILCHRIST.

Encouragement Award: Beth JONES.

Coaches Award : Aroha BIDDLE-TAIPETI.

Top Try Scorer

First Grade – Stephen Widders 13.

Reserve Grade – Kieren Crowe 8.

18’s – Tyler  Hunt 12.

3rd Grade – Alestair  Parmenter 6.

WLT – Jesika Bussey 8.


Highest Point Scorer

First Grade – Caleb  Reedy 8 Try’s 68 Goals = 168 Pts.

Reserve Grade – Dave Tito 1 Try 19 Goals = 42 Pts.

18’s: Tyler Hunt 12 Try’s 28 Goals = 104 Points.

3rd Grade – Brad Thornton 4 Try’s 14 Goals = 44 Pts.

WLT: Gabrielle Mouat 4 Try’s 22 Goals = 60 Pts.

Senior Courage Award: Anthony Bowman

Most Consistent Player: Andrew Jeffery

Rookie of the Year: Josh Bransby / Tyler  Hunt.

Most Consistent 18s Player: Jet Ngamkaboun.

Most Improved 18s Player: Tyler Francis.

Most Consistent WLT Player: Rachael Toby.

WLT Rookie of the Year: Taylor Taiwhati.

Senior Club Person: Jo Anne Prout.

Life Members: Jo Anne Prout & Dale Christy

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