Congratulations to all our Rockingham Sharks senior football award winners for 2017.

It has been an amazing season – let’s do it again and go one better in  2018.

But for now, let’s celebrate our winners of 2017.

Player of Year

First Grade – Geordie   CONNELLY.

Reserve Grade – Kasey JORDAN.

18’s – Jet NGAMKABUAN.

3rd Grade – Callum ESAIAH.

Best Back

First Grade – Geordie    CONNELLY.

Reserve Grade: Josh NEAL.

18’s – Jet  NGAMKABUAN.

3rd Grade – Alestair PARMENTER.

Best Forward

First Grade – Ben BOLTHE.

Reserve Grade – Kieren CROWE.

18’s – Kobi ANDERSON.

3rd Grade: Jamie DIXON.


Coaches Award

First Grade – Andrew JEFFERY.

Reserve Grade – Jayden TOELUPE.

18’s – Will SMITH.

3rd Grade: Tony HYDE & Neihana McMILLAN.


Player of Year – Rachael  TOBY.

Most Improved: Kiah GILCHRIST.

Encouragement Award: Beth JONES.

Coaches Award : Aroha BIDDLE-TAIPETI.

Top Try Scorer

First Grade – Stephen Widders 13.

Reserve Grade – Kieren Crowe 8.

18’s – Tyler  Hunt 12.

3rd Grade – Alestair  Parmenter 6.

WLT – Jesika Bussey 8.


Highest Point Scorer

First Grade – Caleb  Reedy 8 Try’s 68 Goals = 168 Pts.

Reserve Grade – Dave Tito 1 Try 19 Goals = 42 Pts.

18’s: Tyler Hunt 12 Try’s 28 Goals = 104 Points.

3rd Grade – Brad Thornton 4 Try’s 14 Goals = 44 Pts.

WLT: Gabrielle Mouat 4 Try’s 22 Goals = 60 Pts.

Senior Courage Award: Anthony Bowman

Most Consistent Player: Andrew Jeffery

Rookie of the Year: Josh Bransby / Tyler  Hunt.

Most Consistent 18s Player: Jet Ngamkaboun.

Most Improved 18s Player: Tyler Francis.

Most Consistent WLT Player: Rachael Toby.

WLT Rookie of the Year: Taylor Taiwhati.

Senior Club Person: Jo Anne Prout.

Life Members: Jo Anne Prout & Dale Christy

Currently Chairman of the Sharks for 2018, Peter is a former media director for the RFL in the U.K. and currently works in the media in WA. Peter’s son also plays in the Sharks junior setup. If you would like to become a business partner or sponsor, please email Peter at

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