Thorny Devil Beer & Cider

The Thorny Devil brewery is the brain child of self-confessed beer nut Peter Mcappion. Peter’s vison was to build a professional brewery in Mandurah’s local Cape Bouvard Vineyard. Over the years the ‘Thorny Devil’ range of beers has evolved to include Lagers, Passionfruit IPA, Pale Ales & Ciders. The Thorny Devil can we found at many a festival across WA and Australia. Thorny Devil has transformed into a true contender in the craft-beer world, winning numerous awards at the Australian International Beer Awards, Australian Craft Beer awards and Perth Royal Beer Show. Thorny Devil is in a constant state of moving forward but remembering its roots, striving to unite perceptive beer drinkers with handcrafted brews in irresistible flavours that carry a little bit of Mandurah in every sip. Beer is all about experimenting, having fun, and exploring, which perfectly encapsulate the story of Thorny Devil.

Contact us:

185 Clifton Downs Rd, Herron WA 6211

(08) 9739 1360