From small acorns …

I wonder what those founding fathers (men and ladies) of rugby league in the Rockingham region would be thinking of the game today, as we head towards the anniversary of that meeting to form a club at the Leisure Inn in March 1987.

One would hope, a sense of pride, that their dreams and ambitions for the game had come to fruition.

Initially the South Coast Raiders and then Rockingham Raiders, those pioneers paved the way for what we have today. So we must thanks every one of them for their insight and belief in the game and in the game in this region.

Cowboys, Rockingham then Rockingham Coastal Sharks and Sporting Club and Rod Fielding, the club’s first president. The move from Dowling Reserve to Lark Hill in 2007 was also one that has seen the club establish a permanent home and a place where our youngsters can come and play.

The club’s nomadic existence was over – Warnbro, Shoalwater and Anniversary Park now all memories.

 To those ‘who dug the well’, we who drink from it today, will always remember you for your commitment, foresight and most of all, your superb efforts to give rugby league the opportunity to grow and 1987-2017, 30 great years.